RE: Oatmeal Banana Face Mask

It has been exactly a week since I experimented with the oatmeal banana face mask I found in my Grandmother’s recipe book, and I wanted to give you a quick review before I head out to enjoy the holiday weekend.

As a face mask, this recipe worked fairly well.  My skin maintained that intensely moisturized feeling for about three days.  By day four my  face was feeling dry in the mornings prior to my daily moisturizer, but not nearly as dry as it had last Saturday.

As a hair mask, this did wonders for my hair.  A week later and my hair still feels soft and healthy all the way down to the ends.  I’ve had less breakage at the ends, and I have had zero knots.  This level of health is unheard of when my hair is in such obvious need of professional help.  This recipe will definitely become part of my regular hair care routine.  In fact, I’ve already made a batch to have waiting for me when I get home from the Great Outdoors on Monday afternoon.

Happy Columbus Day!


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