Pumpkin Coffee Spa

I have had one of those days.  You know those days.  Those alarm doesn’t go off, the dog takes forever, late to work, phone won’t stop ringing, nothing goes right kind of days?  By the time I left work I was exhausted, my feet hurt, and all I wanted was a nice relaxing mani-pedi.  Just a little bit of pampering to take the edge off.  I only had one problem: I still haven’t found a salon.  Finding a salon which uses only cruelty-free products for women’s cuts, let alone in their entire salon, has proven to be an impossible dream.  While I still have hope that my fabulous-yet-bordering-on-crunchy day spa exists somewhere in a reasonable driving distance, that didn’t help me today.  I needed to do something, so I started researching what I could do (quickly and easily) at home.  That’s when I found this recipe for using coffee grinds to make an at home spa treatment.

I have a habit of saving my coffee grinds.  They’re great for composting which, yes, most people know.  Did you also know they’re a natural flea repellent? They also soften and add shine to hair, along with giving some pretty natural looking highlights (or low lights if you’re blonde like me).  But more on all this later.  The point is I save my coffee grinds, and right now I have this scrumptious pumpkin coffee blend which I picked up from a local supplier a couple of weeks ago.  I gathered up my grinds, sea salt, and olive oil and (after giving the salt and grinds a good run through my coffee grinder to make the pieces extra small) I mixed them all together.

After coming out of the grinder, the grounds were releasing the most amazing pumpkin smell.

With everything mixed up and ready to go, I pulled out my old foot spa and gave myself an at home mani-pedi.  Even having to do the work myself, it was actually quite relaxing.  I was amazed by how soft and smooth my skin felt after using this scrub.  I even applied it as a face mask!  (It turns out that caffeine, when applied to skin as a topical treatment, acts as both an anti-inflammatory and a wrinkle reducer.  Who knew?)  By the time I was done pampering myself I had smooth, exfoliated, moisturized skin on my face, hands, and feet, lovely nails, and I smelled like pumpkin spice.

The nails were done in a wine color though. Wine is the “it” color for fall.


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