Modernized Wicked Witch

When searching for Halloween costumes, a lot of women I know get really discouraged, and I can understand why.  It seems that most often we’re only given two choices.  The first are the skimpy costumes labeled naughty/sexy (insert things which should never be naughty/sexy here) which scream “I have daddy issues and need attention from men NOW!”  The second is the “nobody wants these costumes” category.  This category includes everything from the “funny” costumes (I’m the socket.  He’s the plug.  Do you get it, or should I keep slamming sexual innuendo at you?) to the “old standbys” of green-faced witches and dowdy cut-from-sheets ghosts.  What happens if a girl wants to go somewhere in between?

A friend of mine works in the pediatrics wing of a local hospital.  She’s allowed to dress up for Halloween, but nothing too scary or too obscene.  While she’s fine with not being Sexy Ms. Pac-man (Worst. Idea. Ever.) she didn’t want to be the same boring witch she is every year.  She also didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a new kid-friendly costume, so I suggested she update it by giving the Wicked Witch a more modernized look.  She doesn’t have any use for stage make up so using a simple “Halloween Face Kit” here’s what I was able to come up with.

Start with a green base from the lash line to brow bone

The green in this particular kit was almost an army green when first applied.  It took almost 4 coats to get the right shade of green, and even then it wasn’t even.  Then again, for $5.00 at the Salvation Army, I expect you get what you pay for.

Taking black eye pencil, extend the brows from the arch to roughly a finger-width away from the hair line.

Extend “cat’s eye” point down onto cheeks to create “cracks” in the skin.

That cheap little pencil would benefit from a sharpening.  I should probably do that before working on my own costume’s make up.

Redden lips for definiti



In my mind she’s less “wicked” and more “cracked.”

Enough nod to the original that with a pointy hat people will know what you’re getting at, but you won’t be washing green out of your pores for weeks.





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