Indian Summer

I don’t know what’s happening where you are, but we have been experiencing some glorious weather here lately.  This past week has been sunny and unseasonably warm, which is glorious for someone who hates being cold.  To celebrate our mid-November Indian Summer, I wanted to share some pictures I took over the summer at one of my favorite hiking spots.

An old water tower on the property. The sadistic side of me kind of wants to have this made into a puzzle to give to my least-favorite family member for Christmas.


I have no idea if this safe to eat, but it was so big and beautifully yellow, I couldn’t help but imagine how it would look on a grill.



I wouldn’t want to eat these mushrooms, but I loved how vibrantly red they were.


I once stated that bright teal (for lack of a better color description) has never appeared in nature. The moss on this fallen tree proved me wrong.


At the top of the mountain is a beautiful little flower garden, and I was very excited to see a honey bee busy at work among the flowers.


Everyone loves a butterfly.


I hope you enjoy the photos, and I promise some good content posts are coming up soon.  Happy Wednesday!


One thought on “Indian Summer

  1. I’ve never appreciated Indian Summers – I love autumn and I resent that summer won’t let go, but those are some cool pictures. I’d actually love a puzzle of that water tower.

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