About Me

Chicly Green is about my journey of learning to walk the talk.

I first declared myself an environmentalist at the wise age of 9, after seeing “Ferngully: The Last Rainforest.”  I immediately began bugging my parents about recycling.  I followed them around the house turning off lights as they left rooms.  I even timed showers and insisted they be 5 minutes or less.  When I was assigned a project in school on ecosystems.  I became obsessed with not only everything above, but now also with saving the animals and the trees.  I started donating my allowance to the Humane Society.

While I held to the basic ideals, eventually other things became more important.  Music, make up, boys, school, fashion.  All of these things were given higher priority.  As I grew up I found myself doing less and less to “be green.”  I still recycled, but outside of that I did very little to live up to all my big green talk.

The truth is, I love being a girl.  I love make up, fashion, nice restaurants, and shiny baubles.  I also still feel responsible for taking care of the world around me.  So I have issued a challenge for myself: to find a way to green my life without having to give up other things I love so much.

Chicly Green is meant to be a record of this self-issued challenge.  I know I’m excited to see what new adventures and life skills this challenge will make me face.  I hope you enjoy hearing about it.  Welcome!


One thought on “About Me

  1. I’m not a girly girl–I’m the one who goes to the girly girl at the store and says “make me buy something,” but on all things green I totally agree. I love green. I was just discussing compost the other day, and I was happy. I used to bring my own bags before it was cool, and my goal is to avoid anything that uses packaging as much as humanly possible… Nice blog:)

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