Styling Saturday: Cruelty-Free for Under $15.00

“I admire what you’re trying to do, but I just don’t think it’s practical.  I’m a single mom on a budget.  I can’t splurge on cruelty-free cosmetics.  Maybe if you were a mom you’d understand”  Dee took a sip of her latte and gave me an apologetic look.  We’ve been lamenting her 4 year-old’s attempt to make home-made crayons out of Mommy’s make up collection.  Now she’s facing a full-on restock.  I suggested she go cruelty-free, and she immediately jumped to the expensive designer brands only available in stores like Ulta, Sephora, or high-end department stores.  The thought of replacing her entire daily make up routine was daunting enough, but the idea of breaking her budget was even more frightening.  “Believe me, if I could afford that stuff, I’d do it in a heart beat, but I’m lucky if I spend more than $25.00 on an entire look.”

Challenge accepted.  Dee’s right, I’m not married and I’m not a mom, so my disposable income is a bit more flexible than that of other women my age.  That being said, I do have a budget and I don’t want it to go bust on cosmetics.  So while I do feel there are certain items that are absolutely worth splurging on, I am all about finding a good deal.  I got Dee to agree to let me go shopping with her.  I promised her that not only could I give her a great daily make up look, but that I could do it with only cruelty free cosmetics and I could do it for less than what she would pay for the standard drug store brands.  Unfortunately Dee didn’t want to model for me, but because her complexion and coloring are very similar to mine (and since the Product Purge I’ve been in need of a new “emergency kit” to keep at work) I bought myself a duplicate set.

So for this week’s Styling Saturday I give you: Cruelty-Free for Under $15.00

Primer, concealer, foundation, pressed powder, eye shadow, color stick, eye liner, mascara

Perhaps the most important thing to note here is the all-over color stick.  This may be my favorite time-saving-find ever.  It works as a cream eye shadow, cream blush, and lipstick.  It blends with your skin tone so you don’t look like you’ve put the same color in all three places, and on your cheeks it gives you that great dewy look.

Applying the cream stick as eye shadow

Sorry for the awkward photo angle, but my tripod went missing so I had to MacGyver that shit.

As blush. 

Yes, I make ridiculous faces when applying blush to the apples of my cheeks.

As lipstick.

I prefer to use a q-tip to apply lipstick.  I feel like I have more control over the color and it’s more sanitary than brushes.

Put a little more mascara on

I…am not sure I can rave about the mascara.  It came out thick and rather gloopy.  Dee, however, loves hers.  She hasn’t had the same issue with the mascara as I have.  Then again, for only $1.00 I’m not sure I can complain about the mascara either.  Also, don’t laugh guys.  Your girlfriend also makes ridiculous faces when putting on mascara.

All made-up.

Sorry I couldn’t give you guys a great big smile here.  It was Monday when these pics were taken, so really I’m lucky I didn’t break the camera.

So all in all I used: primer ($1.00), concealer ($1.00), studio foundation ($3.00), translucent powder ($3.00), cream eye shadow ($3.00), all over color stick ($1.00), eye liner pen ($1.00), and mascara ($1.00).  Final total with tax?  $14.83.  Dee got a new cruelty-free daily look for less  than what she would have spent on regular drug store brands that she loves.  She bought herself a bottle of wine with the difference.